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The day I decided to start wearing my hair naturally without straightening it in public was probably the best day of my life because my hair definitely looks so much better and I’m definitely closer to the length I want it to be. 

But I’m also super sick of it because sometimes my curly hair feels great to me and I like wearing it like that but the other half of the time I’m just itching to straighten it and wear it straight. When I wear it curly I literally don’t put in the effort and it looks like I don’t. And people tell me I can wear it straight if I want as long as I don’t straighten it too much but my hair only lasts a week max straight if I do it myself because of humidity and it gets dirty and fragile and clumpy and has to be restraightened throughout or I have to wash it and let it be curly/restraighten it. So half the time I’m in this weird limbo where I want to wear it straight but I shouldn’t because it’d be bad in the long run and I want to wear it curly but I’m super sick of it curly because I don’t do anything to it when it’s curly and I like doing things to my hair. I’m trying to transition from a state of mind that’s like ‘Just wearing it curly so it’ll grow faster’ and just counting down the days until I can straighten it again into actually liking the way my curly hair looks 24/7 and learning how to actually do things with it now that I’ve mastered the basics of dealing with it. 

Charles D’Ambrosio, “Screenwriter”
Where exactly do you put your hands on somebody who hurts everywhere?
Anonymous said:
I want a gf tbh


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